Kenneth Vansweevelt clinic 31 august – 2 september 2018

Kenneth Vansweevelt clinic 31 august – 2 september 2018

August 31st until September 2nd, Kenneth Vansweevelt will give a three-day clinic at our farm. This young Flemish trainer is known for his knowledge of the adacemic art of riding and how to use this for the horse and in the connection with the human.

Kenneth shows you a hidden world by letting you discover a new awareness with your horse. His aim is not to prepare horses for competition, but to carefully and gradually enhance their self consciousness, muscles, balance and power using a system of exercises. Kenneth asks you to “be soft, ask gently and feel deeply”. This connects you to your horse and inspires them to give their best.

His focus is on isolating and moving the various body parts of the horse, creating a connection with the spine and moving the horse with subtle gestures.


This is the first time we’re organizing a clinic with Kenneth in the southwest of France. Take the opportunity of a lifetime and register for this clinic.  We aim for a relatively small group of 8-12 people. This assures personal attention and lots of time to actually work with the horses. We want you to be able to really dive into the clinic, thats why we always offer a bed in one of our small cosy dorms. All meals are included, as well as drinks, snacks and fresh fruit.

There is a shuttle service from Bergerac Airport for people who arrive from the Netherlands for this clinic. You will arrive one day before the clinic, and you leave the day after. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the french coutryside by various walks through the fields and forests that originate from our farm, or just relax some more by our wooden pool.

Also see Kenneth’s Facebook page.

Prices for the clinic are:

€ 345,00 for the three-day clinic
€ 70,00 meals and lodging
€ 50,00 if you bring your own horse or want to use one of ours dedicated for you.

Register now by sending us an e-mail or use one of the other methods listed on the contact form.

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